[HTML5] Review : the good parts

I am recently involving time and effort in mastering front-end skill, and I would say front-end is evoluting so fast , new framework and standard come up every few months. Sound like it is so hard to catch and to become a front-end master, but it is not true, likelihood the animal kingdom, it is diverse, there is so much to study about different species, or different behavior of individual of one species. But there is couple of perpetual core in animal, like cell. And I can say that HTML, CSS, Javascript and HTTP request are the cell of website.

  1. New Doctype

  2. The Figure Element

  3. No More Types for Scripts and Links

  4. Flexibility with “Quotation marks”

  5. Content Editable

  6. Mark Element

  7. Audio Support

  8. Video Support

  9. Local Storage

  10. [input] Email type

  11. [input] Placeholders Attribute

  12. [input] Required Attribute

  13. [input] Autofocus Attribute

  14. [input] Autofocus Attribute

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